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Friday, January 20, 2017 5:10PM
By Francois Photography
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You don't get to pick the weather for your wedding.

On the coldest day so far this winter, Lauren and Jeremy got married. The temperature hovered around freezing and the wind howled with enthusiasm. This adorable couple went about getting married without giving this meteoric ambush a thought.  They wanted to pose for pictures at the 360 Bridge at sunset - so we did. It was cold but they never let on and the pictures do not reflect their torment. I will admit my assistant and I had frozen fingers but we managed.

Lauren and Jeremy decided in advance that on their wedding day, they did not want to see each other prior to the ceremony. However, they did want a brief encounter. We set up a "No Peeking" session where they each stood on opposite sides of a column and were able to touch each other without visual contact. It lasted only a few moments but provided the assurance needed to get them to the ceremony on a high.

The entire night was lovely with elegant table linens and flowers provided by Stems, dramatic up lighting on the walls and music provided by the talented DJ -  Josh Wilkinson with Penguin Entertainment, Inc. I especially liked how they customized a wedding theme graphic and utilized that consistent design element on all the wedding deliverables: invite, guest book, "Tips For Wedded Bliss" coasters, event program, menu sign, "Just Married" sign, and my favorite - "Ask About Our Signature Drink" sign.

And they danced... all night. Lauren dances for a living. Jeremy admitted he was not all that coordinated on the dance floor but he focused on sharing her passion and having fun. Turns out Jeremy really does have some good moves.

Congrats Lauren and Jeremy Holley - Happy Holleydays to you!

Key Players:
Venue: Austin Country Club
Photographer: Kim Francois, Francois Photography
Assistant Photographer: Cat Mattingly
Event Planner: Sydney Campbell, Olive & Belle
Linen Rentals & Flowers: Stems & Verbena
Musicians: Terra Vista Strings
DJ: Josh Wilkinson, Penguin Entertainment Inc.
Officiant: Al Krummenacher
Hair/Make up: Kelsey Davies, Shirley Cox
Bakery: Iced Cakes & Confections

Friday, December 16, 2016 5:13PM
By Francois Photography
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This elegant wedding began early in the morning with getting ready festivities at the Omni Barton Creek Resort. The bride (Liz), her five bridesmaids and mother, dressed in robes embroidered with their wedding party status, gathered for hair and make up which was artistically performed by Aimee, Cris Coleman and team.  Liz wore a romantic gown adorned with lace and tulle named Elysia designed by Hayley Paige. Liz made sure "HER MEN" were gifted special wedding day attire too. She presented her father with "I'll always be your little girl - Nov 5, 2016" cuff links and Mark received some fancy french cuff links too.

Consistent with their flare for romance, Liz and Mark wanted to exchange love letters in person but were adamant that they did not see each other before the ceremony. So we arranged a "NO PEEKING" photo session in the resort hallway. They were separated by a wall partition and were able to touch hands and pass their letters to each other without visual confirmation. This happened with a full audience of friends and family 5 feet away, across the hallway, swooning and weeping with sentiment.  It was very touching. And a great photo opp.

Next we headed to St. John Neumann Catholic Church for a full mass at 2:00 in the afternoon. The church finally completed a mosaic dome above the alter in September and it was breath taking - as was the ceremony. After the ceremony, the bride/groom traveled in a convertible Rolls Royce back to the Omni Barton Creek Pavilion for the reception with 225 close friends and family.

The Pavilion was decked out with fabulous white flower arrangements by Westbank Flower Market and the bride/grooms' own personal monogram (E&M) was projected on the stone wall above the fireplace. The pavilion rocked with music provided by Love & Happiness. Since Mark comes from New Orleans, they arranged a traditional wedding "Second Line" dance where guests twirl white handkerchiefs or napkins in the air and paraded with umbrellas around the room to a festive jazz song.

And what wedding would be complete without a trip to the State Capital for a kiss in front of the Austin icon. Sandy Perkins, their wedding planner, arranged to have a special flag, (which was presented to them later) flown at the capital for just that picture. However, when we got to the capital we found that all of the roads around the Capital were blocked for the Texas Book Festival. So we moved to plan B - The Bob Bullock Museum. If you stand in front of the museum, you are down hill from the Capital (and flag). So we jumped out of our cars, posed them in the middle of the street and ... A police officer drove up and told us we could not do what we were doing and would have to leave. When he realized how much we wanted this picture - massive pleading, he pulled over to supervise and make sure we did not get run down. He gave us 5 minutes. We were done in 2. I did not get his name but - thank you officer.
And thank you Liz and Mark for being so much fun to work with. Congratulations to your on your beautiful wedding.

Key Players:
Church: St. John Neumann Catholic Church
Reception Venue: Omni Barton Creek Pavilion
Wedding Planner: Sandy Perkins
Photographer: Kim Francois, Francois Photography
Photographer Assistant: Cat Mattingly
Gown Designer: Hayley Paige
Entertainment: Love & Happiness
Make up: Aimee and Cris Coleman
Hair Stylists: Cris Coleman
Florists: Keith @ Westbank Flower Market
Bakery: Omni Barton Creek

Sunday, November 20, 2016 10:37AM
By Francois Photography
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There once was a Princess... and her name was Elizabeth.
At least,  that is how Liz looked to me when we photographed her bridal session at a fairy tail estate on Lake Travis. Liz wore an elegant contour dress designed by Hayley Paige which featured a lace corset bodice, long lace sleeves and a cascading tulle skirt with thin double horsehair edging.

Her bridal session was photographed at a 9760 square foot, Venetian style estate idyllically situated on 16 acres of land embracing Lake Travis - Austin, Texas. It was the perfect location to compliment this most elegant bride.

Key Players:
Photographer: Kim Francois, Francois Photography
Staging Assistant: Heather Trungale
Wedding Event Planner:  Sandy Perkins
Venue: The Fabbio Estate on Lake Travis
Gown: Elysia by Hayley Paige
Flowers: Westlake Flower Market
Hair Stylist: Aimee and Cris Coleman

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 10:44AM
By Francois Photography
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Larissa and Allan have been together for four years - a second marriage for both of them. They wanted their wedding to be a small, intimate gathering of the family and friends that believed in them, loved them and encouraged their union. And... they wanted to be married on a SAILBOAT while their guests watched from a BALCONY at the Lakeway Resort  - 50 feet above Lake Travis. Naturally, this was a wedding I wanted to photograph. Everything about it was special. Even the invitation set the tone for this unique happening. Guests were encouraged to "Dress to Impress" in navy and white.

So it was just me - the photographer, a captain, the bride/groom, an officiant, and two witnesses on the sailboat. The weather was perfect and we all got a little sunburned. The guests watched and listened to the vows via a cell phone. To ensure I was able to photograph the sailboat from a distance, they even arranged to have the groom's son shuttle me in a motor boat while we went from the dock to the ceremonial site. After the 15 minute ceremony, we sailed back to the dock and joined the guests for cake and champagne on the "Back Porch" of the resort.

A perfect day, perfect wedding for a perfect couple.

Key Players:
Photographer: Kim Francois - Francois Photography
Venue: Sarah Wilson - Lakeway Resort & Spa
Sailboat Rental: Texas Sailing
Florist: Magpie Florist
Bakery: Sweet & Salty

Friday, May 20, 2016 11:13AM
By Francois Photography
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Yes, it is true! Liz and Mark are getting married. I will be photographing their wedding on November 5, 2016.

The couple wanted an engagement session and one special picture for a "Save the Date" notice. Liz has a bestie friend who has this amazing home in Westlake with a two acre back yard that is somewhere between Versailles and Zilker Botanical Garden complete with sculptured hedges, rose gardens, a giant chess set patio, fountains, benches, arbors, statuary and a lavender wall. So we spent two hours late one afternoon and walked the grounds shooting in this paradise. Oh, I almost forgot the best part. They included their dog, Tuxedo - who was a natural in front of the camera. This was so much fun. I can't wait to photograph this beautiful couple at their wedding.

Photographer: Kim Francois
Venue: Private home in Westlake