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Saturday, April 01, 2017
By Francois Photography
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Some people have it all!

Beauty, promising careers, a loving family, great friends and a spouse that loves them dearly. That is Tristan and Shane. On March 4, they surrounded themselves with friends and family to witness their union of marriage. Tristan's closest eight friends (yes, I said 8) dressed in delicate pink, matched by Shane's eight buddies in formal black tuxedos, accompanied the couple to the alter. All together they created a human wall that extended from one side of the patio to the other.

It has been said that it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day. I think that expression was made up by a wedding coordinator trying to pacify a bride. However, this time the misty, mossy green, soft light impact of an overcast sky was beautiful. We moved the ceremony from the lawn to a covered patio and all of the wedding party and family pictures were done under a covered portachere. Use of this indirect light source was perfect. I was wet, they were dry and I was totally happy.

My favorite part of this wedding was the "First Look Session" where the bride and groom spent 30 minutes with each other prior to the ceremony. I like to recommend a pre- ceremonial meeting between a bride and groom for two reasons. I find it calms their nerves allowing them to be more in the moment for the rest of the day. And, it gives me a chance to photograph them with favorable lighting - especially during the winter or early spring when the sun sets so early. Some couples resist this concept because they want the first time that they see each other to be when the bride is walking down the aisle. I always say: "There will always be a first time that you see each other on your wedding day. The question is, do you want it to be a private moment or public one?" When you put it that way, they frequently see the merits to the advanced meeting. With Tristan and Shane, I could tell they were both nervous that morning and seeing each other was exactly what they needed. I set them up back to back and told them to turn around. When they did, I witnessed their amazing love. They just lit up. I could tell they were both in love and best friends at the same time. They beamed. Capturing this moment was a privileged and I felt honored to be apart of such an intimate moment in their lives.

Thank you Tristan and Shane for allowing me to be apart of your most special day.

Key Players:

Venue: Austin Country Club
Photographer: Kim Francois, Francois Photography
Assistant Photographer: Cat Mattingly
Event Planner: Samia Joseph
Minister: Judge Bob Perkins
Make Up: Avery Allen
Hair Stylist: Dannan Patrick, Mint Salon
Florist: Kimberly, ParkCrest Floral Design
Photo Booth: Shutterbooth
Disc. Jockey: Josh Wilkerson, Penguin Entertainment
Bakery: Olga P. Lee, Polka Dots

Tuesday, February 28, 2017
By Francois Photography
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What do you call two love birds and a dog? The perfect wedding.

Last Saturday, I photographed a wedding where the bride was beautiful, outgoing and tons of fun. She was exuberant in everything she did. She posed with sophistication. She lavished affection on her groom, friends and family. She giggled, wiggled and folded with laughter. It was intoxicating to be around her. I imagine she is like that all the time. I had a blast photographing her and all her charm. The handsome groom was much more reserved throughout the day but revealed his propensity for theatrics when he took to the stage during the reception to sing songs to his new bride. And he was rock star good too. Of course it helped that he was singing with the AMAZING 3 time Grammy Award winning talent - Drew Womack and his band. They were so good they should have charged admission to attend the event.

Mitch's daughter from a previous marriage is ten and her name is Violet. So naturally, violet was the color of the dress she choose to wear at the wedding. Cute as a button, she fit right in and contributed to the fun, fanfare and enjoyed the celebration.  And then there was Tank - the silver Labrador. He got his 15 minutes of fame when he was invited to participate in the "First Look" portion of the wedding event. Wild with enthusiasm one minute practically tackling the bride and a masterful poser the next. A lot of showmanship in this family. They belong in the movies.

Thank you Louise and Mitch for allowing me to share this special occasion with you.

Key Players:

Venue: Lakeway Resort & Spa
Event Coordinator: Alexandra Folden
Photographer: Kim Francois, Francois Photography
Photography Assistant: Shauna Mora
Entertainment: Drew Womack - 3 time Grammy Award winner
Florist: Magpie Blossom Boutique
Cake Balls: Cute Sweets
Officiant: Adam McIsaac
Bridal Gown: Vera Wang
Hair and Makeup: Austin Wedding Hair and Makeup
Dog: Tank - Silver Labrador

Thursday, February 23, 2017
By Francois Photography
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Sometimes you meet a wedding couple that sweep you off your feet from the very start. That is how I felt with Laura and Phil. 

Jenny Stone of Jenny Stone Event Designs - a fabulous event planner - introduced me to Laura as she felt I was the perfect person to photograph her November garden wedding at Laguna Gloria.  This was a second wedding for both of them so Laura wanted the wedding to be one big party and play down the traditional elements of a wedding. Her vision was more like a celebration than a wedding.  I instantly connected with Laura and we began to personalize the event to be more reflective of their party concept.

The weather did not cooperate with their garden wedding plans.  So Jenny added a tent, purchased tons of lanterns, strung lights in dark places, rented heaters...  The event became even more perfect.  Laura and Phil 's wedding was absolutely a riot - just ask their guests. The bride and groom were goo goo eyed all night, danced up a storm under the tents with their friends and paid no attention to the rain and biting cold.

Laura wore a couture vintage bridal gown made by Austin's premier fashion designer Linda Asaf.  To make sure everything stayed in place, Laura had her personal stylist, Edie Henry, attend the wedding to "fluff, blot and re-apply" what ever was needed all night long. Such a smart idea. The groom, Phil, being the dapper English gentleman that he was, selected his own attire featuring a bright yellow vest and matching yellow tie under his gray wedding suit. Together with their flowers provided by Central Market - they were stunning.

Jenny and I had so much fun working with Laura on her wedding that we have already meet for happy hour to reminisce the event and look at pictures. It's couples like this that keep me in love with my job.   Thank you Laura and Phil.




Key Players:

Venue: Laguna Gloria, Austin Texas
Photographer: Kim Francois, Francois Photography
Event Planner: Jenny Stone, Jenny Stone Event Designs
Catering Service: Eddie Bernal, 34th Street Catering
Tents: Marquee Rentals
Florist: Central Market
DJ: Jeff Hudson, Spacecraft Entertainment
Musician: Ryan Cotner - guitarist
Officiant: Jennifer Meador
Gown Designer: Linda Asaf, Linda Asaf Designs
Hair Stylists: Nikki Haley, Swoon Salon
Make up: Arlene Tucker, Neiman Marcus
Stylists: Edie Henry
Transportation: Vintage Bently

Friday, January 20, 2017
By Francois Photography
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You don't get to pick the weather for your wedding.

On the coldest day so far this winter, Lauren and Jeremy got married. The temperature hovered around freezing and the wind howled with enthusiasm. This adorable couple went about getting married without giving this meteoric ambush a thought.  They wanted to pose for pictures at the 360 Bridge at sunset - so we did. It was cold but they never let on and the pictures do not reflect their torment. I will admit my assistant and I had frozen fingers but we managed.

Lauren and Jeremy decided in advance that on their wedding day, they did not want to see each other prior to the ceremony. However, they did want a brief encounter. We set up a "No Peeking" session where they each stood on opposite sides of a column and were able to touch each other without visual contact. It lasted only a few moments but provided the assurance needed to get them to the ceremony on a high.

The entire night was lovely with elegant table linens and flowers provided by Stems, dramatic up lighting on the walls and music provided by the talented DJ -  Josh Wilkinson with Penguin Entertainment, Inc. I especially liked how they customized a wedding theme graphic and utilized that consistent design element on all the wedding deliverables: invite, guest book, "Tips For Wedded Bliss" coasters, event program, menu sign, "Just Married" sign, and my favorite - "Ask About Our Signature Drink" sign.

And they danced... all night. Lauren dances for a living. Jeremy admitted he was not all that coordinated on the dance floor but he focused on sharing her passion and having fun. Turns out Jeremy really does have some good moves.

Congrats Lauren and Jeremy Holley - Happy Holleydays to you!

Key Players:
Venue: Austin Country Club
Photographer: Kim Francois, Francois Photography
Assistant Photographer: Cat Mattingly
Event Planner: Sydney Campbell, Olive & Belle
Linen Rentals & Flowers: Stems & Verbena
Musicians: Terra Vista Strings
DJ: Josh Wilkinson, Penguin Entertainment Inc.
Officiant: Al Krummenacher
Hair/Make up: Kelsey Davies, Shirley Cox
Bakery: Iced Cakes & Confections

Friday, December 16, 2016
By Francois Photography
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This elegant wedding began early in the morning with getting ready festivities at the Omni Barton Creek Resort. The bride (Liz), her five bridesmaids and mother, dressed in robes embroidered with their wedding party status, gathered for hair and make up which was artistically performed by Aimee, Cris Coleman and team.  Liz wore a romantic gown adorned with lace and tulle named Elysia designed by Hayley Paige. Liz made sure "HER MEN" were gifted special wedding day attire too. She presented her father with "I'll always be your little girl - Nov 5, 2016" cuff links and Mark received some fancy french cuff links too.

Consistent with their flare for romance, Liz and Mark wanted to exchange love letters in person but were adamant that they did not see each other before the ceremony. So we arranged a "NO PEEKING" photo session in the resort hallway. They were separated by a wall partition and were able to touch hands and pass their letters to each other without visual confirmation. This happened with a full audience of friends and family 5 feet away, across the hallway, swooning and weeping with sentiment.  It was very touching. And a great photo opp.

Next we headed to St. John Neumann Catholic Church for a full mass at 2:00 in the afternoon. The church finally completed a mosaic dome above the alter in September and it was breath taking - as was the ceremony. After the ceremony, the bride/groom traveled in a convertible Rolls Royce back to the Omni Barton Creek Pavilion for the reception with 225 close friends and family.

The Pavilion was decked out with fabulous white flower arrangements by Westbank Flower Market and the bride/grooms' own personal monogram (E&M) was projected on the stone wall above the fireplace. The pavilion rocked with music provided by Love & Happiness. Since Mark comes from New Orleans, they arranged a traditional wedding "Second Line" dance where guests twirl white handkerchiefs or napkins in the air and paraded with umbrellas around the room to a festive jazz song.

And what wedding would be complete without a trip to the State Capital for a kiss in front of the Austin icon. Sandy Perkins, their wedding planner, arranged to have a special flag, (which was presented to them later) flown at the capital for just that picture. However, when we got to the capital we found that all of the roads around the Capital were blocked for the Texas Book Festival. So we moved to plan B - The Bob Bullock Museum. If you stand in front of the museum, you are down hill from the Capital (and flag). So we jumped out of our cars, posed them in the middle of the street and ... A police officer drove up and told us we could not do what we were doing and would have to leave. When he realized how much we wanted this picture - massive pleading, he pulled over to supervise and make sure we did not get run down. He gave us 5 minutes. We were done in 2. I did not get his name but - thank you officer.
And thank you Liz and Mark for being so much fun to work with. Congratulations to your on your beautiful wedding.

Key Players:
Church: St. John Neumann Catholic Church
Reception Venue: Omni Barton Creek Pavilion
Wedding Planner: Sandy Perkins
Photographer: Kim Francois, Francois Photography
Photographer Assistant: Cat Mattingly
Gown Designer: Hayley Paige
Entertainment: Love & Happiness
Make up: Aimee and Cris Coleman
Hair Stylists: Cris Coleman
Florists: Keith @ Westbank Flower Market
Bakery: Omni Barton Creek